Is Rapid Weight Loss Safe?

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Is Rapid Weight Loss Safe?

Everyone would love to have the perfect Hollywood body, so they try one of the many rapid weight loss fad diets that promise quick weight loss within weeks. In most cases, these diets are not safe. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration does not monitor weight loss supplements, therefore, there is no saying what could be in any of these pills or whether they could make you ill. To date, the only rapid weight loss diet that has been proven to work is the medically supervised very low calorie diet. Most studies of people succeeding on a rapid weight loss diet have been on a medically supervised diet.

In most cases, people that have been taking over the counter quick weight loss supplements do not see any results because they think that taking this magical pill, cream or drink is going to be enough to do the trick. What they have failed to realize is that the pill is nothing more than a placebo. The real weigh loss comes from the fact that you have to change what you eat and increase the amount of exercise that you do so that you will lose the weight that you are seeking to shed. If you do not, then you will not lose any more weight than you were before. In some cases, the pill that you may be taking can have an adverse effect on weight because water retention can potentially increase your weight.



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