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Working Out for Gaining Muscle

Some people are looking to gain muscle to get that "buff" look. Are you or someone that you know one of those people? The key to gaining muscle is working out targeting the major muscle groups of the body. As always, clearance from a physician is needed to ensure the safety of the program. Obviously, weight training is needed, but in order to gain muscle there is a specific way to train. Weight training can be done with either free weights or machines. For the best results, free weights should be used. Heavy weights must be used and make sure the weight is appropriate for the body weight and strength of the individual. The person training should only do 4-8 reps and 1-2 sets. Using heavier weight and low reps put the muscles and nervous system under more stress, which stimulate the growth of muscle fibers. ( Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee) This is the mechanism that causes muscle growth.

Additionally, working out is only one component of a regimen for gaining muscles. The proper diet must be used in conjuction with the muscle gain workout. Diet should consist of food that are high in protein, high in calories, and six small meals should be eaten through out the day.


Appropriate Muscle Building

Although it may sound strange that there is an appropriate muscle building way and an inappropriate way, but in competition, this is very important. Steroids is a big issue when it comes to muscle building and when it comes to body building competitions and sports, using steroids is a big no-no. Having work out programs that work each group of muscles is the best way to ensure that each muscle group is getting the best workout and that you are having natural muscle retention instead of bulking up on muscles that are "artificial" and can potentially cause health risks because of the steroids.

When muscle building, you should only work on one muscle group at a time. This prevents burn out and an overall soreness that can prevent you from moving if you over do it. By alternating muscle groups, you are giving each group time to relax so that they do not tear too much and have time to rebuild, which is how muscles are built. If you do not allow time for your muscles to rebuild themselves, you will me sore and have weak muscles because they are continuously being torn down and never given a chance to heal again. Without this healing time, you can end up with a muscle deficiency which will leave you weak feeling no matter how huge your muscles look.

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