Weight Loss Supplements and Tablets in a Nutshell

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Weight Loss Supplements and Tablets in a Nutshell

Weight loss supplements or weight loss tablets often provide the extra boost some people need for their dieting success. However, any diet that is successful in the long run depends on a lifestyle modification and not solely on supplements of any kind.

In the middle of the twentieth century when weight loss became big business, doctors prescribed some weight loss drugs excessively. In recent times some weight loss drugs were deemed harmful, even non-prescription drugs were removed from the market. This included the ever-popular ephedra that is still available as an asthma medication, bitter orange has replace ephedra but it is not safe either. Both of these plant derivatives are believed to contribute to the chance of having a stroke. Almost all of the banned drugs reduced appetite and increased metabolism temporarily. Sometimes dieters do need a bit of a boost though, but not at the expense of their health.

The dieter sometimes has trouble wading through all the conflicting reports. The easiest course of action is to research what is the least likely supplement to cause harm, which also has proven success. Supplements containing small amounts of green tea or caffeine, hoodia, chromium, and or calcium have a proven track record and are fairly safe as long as daily dosages are not exceeded.

The best course of action for weight loss is frequent exercise and finding a diet that works for the individual. Weight loss supplements or weight loss tablets may help a bit, but the key to weight loss is developing lean body mass and following a healthy diet.



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