No Way! Yes Whey!

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No Way! Yes Whey!

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the big jug of whey protein powder in your grocery store and thought it was just for serious muscle heads, think again. Whether you’re lifting hundreds of pounds so you can get those abs firmed-up, oiled-up and ready for competition, or lifting weight for better health, whey protein powder is your friend.

Protein is a super-nutrient. Popular diets like Atkins and South Beach revolve around it. Protein is a source of energy. It repairs body cells and helps control metabolism. Sure protein is found abundantly in meat but it’s hard to get your reps on the bench press while holding a chicken leg so you need a simpler alternative.

If you’ve never used a protein powder and wonder how to fit it in to your diet, don’t fret. It has virtually no taste and dissolves easily so you can mix it in smoothies (a popular choice for athletes) stir it in yogurt or sprinkle it on cereal. Get creative.

Whey protein is found in concentrate and isolate. Although concentrate still contains up to 89% protein, the actual amount can vary with the manufacturer. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey, containing 90% protein and very little fat or lactose.

Sprinkle it on! Pump it up!



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