Weight lifting gloves -- get a grip

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Weight lifting gloves -- get a grip

Even the most causal weight lifter should consider using weight lifting gloves to protect their hands and body and enhance their workout. The biggest benefit of weight lifting gloves is that they provide a barrier between sweaty hands and bars or other weight equipment so that you don't lose your grip and perhaps cause a serious injury. Weight lifting gloves also prevent blisters and calluses from forming on your hands. Besides being unsightly, even the tiniest blister can be painful and force you to stop training until it heals.
When choosing weight lifting gloves, consider your workout routine. Serious bodybuilders may benefit from gloves with long straps that wrap around the wrists. These gloves are expensive, sometimes costing more than $100, but provide the additional advantage of protecting your wrists. For most people, though, a $15 pair of weight lifting gloves, with a padded palm and Velcro fasteners, is enough.
When buying weight lifting gloves, take the time to get the right fit. Weight lifting gloves should fit snugly, since they will loosen up over time, but should not be so tight that they pinch or hurt. To achieve the best grip, choose leather or neoprene weight lifting gloves and opt for the fingerless version.



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