Personal Training Courses

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Personal Training Courses

If you are attracted to a career where you help people achieve their fitness goals - to tone up, build muscle, get stronger, more flexible, improve balance, lose weight, and feel better, become a certified personal fitness trainer and get started today!
Personal Training Courses are nationally-certified programs that enable you to become a Personal Fitness Trainer, and create individualized fitness programs for clients based on their fitness goals and abilities. Most Personal Training Courses cover anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of movement, exercise science, and training methods to improve cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility. You are taught exercises and modifications using machines, free weights, balance tools, and stretching. Personal Training Courses teach fitness assessments that cover medical history, lifestyle, body composition, movement imbalances and capacity. You are taught how to create personalized fitness plans, with measurable data to track progress. Personal training courses do not teach you how to diagnose medical conditions, nor do they cover nutrition plans. Personal training courses cover special populations including youth, the elderly, and the obese. Many personal training courses offer on-line study. Others offer distance learning via texts and DVDs, followed by a weekend review course and exam. ACE, AFAA, NASM, and ACSM are several respected personal trainer courses. Do your homework, explore the different personal training courses available, and begin a wonderfully, rich satisfying career.



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